NEW 2015/August GENUSION has exhibited a booth and made two presentations at Flash Memory Summit 2015 (Santa Clara Aug. 10-13) supported by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).
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2015/January GENUSION will exhibit a booth at CES 2015 (Consumer Electronics Show 2015, in Las Vegas) supported by The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
2014/November GENUSION has exhibited and made a presentation at ET2014 (Embedded Technology 2014) in Yokohama, Japan (Nov.19-21).
2014/August GENUSION has exhibited and made a presentation at Flash Memory Summit 2014 (Santa Clara Aug. 4-7).
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2014/May GENUSION made a presentation regarding their proprietary Byte alterable B4EEPROM technology for embedded application at IEEE International Memory Workshop (May18-21, 2014).
2014/March GENUSION’s “CE-File Memory” has been selected as the “MONODZUKURI” New Selection in Kansai 2014 by Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2013/Nov. GENUSION’s “CE-File Memory” has been reported in a Web magazine “Nikkei Trendy Net, Trend Focus”. ,in Japanese)
2013/August NikkeiBP carried the story of that GENUSION presented and exhibited the B4-Flash technology and its products “CE-File Memory” at Flash Memory Summit 2013 on its web magazine “TechOn”. ,in Japanese)
2013/August GENUSION has exhibited and made a presentation at Flash Memory Summit 2013.
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2013/June GENUSION and J-DEVICES have entered into a License Agreement covering Si-Capsule technology, a GENUSION proprietary package in package technology. This Agreement enables GENUSION and J-DEVICES to boost technological and cost competitive advantages to meet the wider needs of customers.
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2013/May At the 5th IEEE International Memory Workshop (IMW) 2013 (May 26-29) in Monterey, California USA, GENUSION presented two technical papers on its proprietary technologies of next generation 58nm B4-Flash, and one-million cycling endurance B4-Flash.
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  2012/June GENUSION has attended "Embedded Technology West 2012"in Osaka and "China IC Expo 2012"in Shenzhen respectively, where exhibited our B4-Flash Products and related embedded NVM technology. At the both exhibition, many of visitors showed much attention and interest thanks to B4-Flash’s high reliability and B4-Flash Technology’s high performance.
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  2012/March GENUSION has attended one of the major exhibitions SEMICON CHINA 2012, where exhibit our B4-Flash technology, embedded NVM application technology include eB4Flash, eCMOS Flash and eB4 EEPROM. And during the exhibition, we had got many visitors who have strong interest in our B4 technology, IP licensing and high reliability of products.
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  2012/February License agreement on B4-Flash technology was made between GENUSION and ROHM Group which will improve further cooperation between the companies. This cooperation enables ROHM Co., Ltd. to implement B4-Flash memory in their semiconductor products, and LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd. to manufacture B4-Flash memory products.
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  2011/November GENUSION established its subsidiary namely GENUSION(Shanghai)Technology Co., LTD. in order to provide B4-Flash memory solution in China memory market rapidly grown thanks to mobile phones. The company is located in Shanghai Integrated Circuit Design Incubator(ICDI) - one of the biggest R & D bases for mobile phones in China.
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