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B4 Flash Memory

[B4-Flash, high speed and highly reliable flash memory utilizing novel programming mechanism]
B4-Flash is GENUSION proprietary flash memory utilizing novel mechanism of B4-HE (Back Bias assisted Band-to-Band tunneling Hot Electron) programming. B4-Flash realizes excellent features of high speed programming and high reliability, in addition to high speed read equivalent to NOR and low cost close to NAND simultaneously.

NOR type
Flash memory:

Non-volatile semiconductor memory for storing programs of digital equipments with high speed read performance. Device structure is adequate for read performance, but has challenge in making memory cell size smaller due to its programming mechanism.

NAND type
Flash memory:

Low cost non-volatile memory mainly stores digital data such as pictures and music to be used for SD card and USB memory. Device structure makes it possible to realize memory cell size very small which is ideal for planar device, but is not suitable for high speed random access of data due to its programming mechanism.

[GENUSION proprietary novel operation mechanism, B4-HE(Hot Electron) program operation]
B4-Flash utilizes innovative patented invention; using a Pch MOS transistor for the memory cell and program operation performed by following three steps,
1) Electrons are generated by band-to-band tunneling mechanism,
2) Generated electrons are accelerated by back bias,
3) Part of the accelerated electrons become hot and are injected to floating gate.
GENUSION’s Patent: B4-HE injection + Pch MOS transistor memory cell


- fastest program & erase speed in Conv. NORs

- Lowest cost in NOR Flash due to smaller cell size

- Excellent data retention capability under high temperature after heavy
  erase/write stress.

[B4-Flash realizes world smallest NOR memory cell]
Gate length scaling limit of conventional NOR flash is said to be about 100nm to 110nm. B4-Flash can break through this limitation thanks to its novel programming mechanism. GENUSION has confirmed B4-Flash operation with gate length of 50nm test vehicle. Because of this good scalability and other features, B4-Flash can achieve the small cell size of one half of that of NOR and close to that of NAND. GENUSION has confirmed B4-Flash array operation and high reliability by evaluating 130nm 4Mbit test chip and 90nm 512Mb/1Gb products. Now developing 58nm high density Flash memory products.

B4-Flash prospective market]
Due to scaling limitation , conventional NOR flash is facing difficulties to turn into higher density. B4-Flash is expected as future program storage because of its high speed read performance, smaller memory cell size = lower chip cost and scalability in advanced semiconductor process technologies. “The Best Future Device Architecture” was awarded to GENUSION's B4-Flash in Nokia's Technology Innovation Competition “Mobile Rules ‘08”. B4-Flash with excellent data retention performance, is also expected for new applications where conventional flash technologies are difficult to use.


Embedded NVM (Non-Volatile Memory) IP License

[ GENUSION’s embedded NVM IP]
GENUSION provides three kinds of embedded NVM IPs, those are eCFlash, eB4Flash and eB4EEPROM in compliance with variety of applications.


eCFlash is embedded flash memory IP which can be applied to standard CMOS process without any additional masks, suitable for the application requires small density and small erase/write cycles.


eB4Flash and eB4EEPROM are embedded B4-Flash technology which achieves smaller memory cell, lower power consumption and higher reliability compared with those of conventional embedded flash and EEPROMs.

large data storage for SoC (System on Chip) and Microcontroller, and small data storage for security codes, ID data, trimming data, etc. contributing product planning and differentiation.

[New choice for the embedded NVM IP of MCU and Logic Devices: B4-Flash IP]
eB4Flash IP, which realized by the operation principle of B4-Flash, is the indispensable eNVM IP of high performance MCUs and logical devices. It can achieve high performance and high reliability embedded NVM solutions through the operation principle of B4-Flash. Furthermore, eB4-Flash is easily to be production because it could be realized through FG process which is in common use in the semiconductor industry. At the same time, compared with the conventional embedded NOR type NVM IP, it can realize the smallest cell size (below 50nm) by eB4-Flash NVM technology.

[Advantages of eB4Flash/EEPROM IP]

  1. Realized Low cost, high density embedded NVM through small cell/Macro size.
    • - B4-HE operation principle can be applied to kinds of embedded application easily.
    • - with small programming current, it can work through simple boost circuit.
  2. Realized high speed program and read
    • - High speed sensing amplifier, access time is only 15~20ns
  3. Realized low power consumption erase and program operation
    • - program based on B4-HE principle and FN erase
  4. Realized high reliability
    • - realized high reliability through B4-Flash principle
    • - Continuous read for 20 years
    • - 125℃, 20 years’ data retention after 100k erase/program cycles

[eCFlash IP]
eCFlash is an embedded memory IP fully compatible with standard CMOS process (no additional process, no mask adder), which has the capability of flash erase/write cycling and superior data retention characteristics. The eCFlash IP can be provided by hard macro for memory core and RTL for control logic, which brings the standard CMOS logic design affinity. eCFlash is proven its stable operation and high reliability in 0.35um to 90nm various kind of CMOS process by actual silicon of single non-volatile element and/or test array chip.

[Product application area expansion by eCFlash IP]
By applying the eCFlash IP to your CMOS process, you can obtain electrically re-writable with good data retention capability non-volatile memory in your chip, which expands your product application area drastically.